Standard 5: Program Management and Administration

Candidates plan, develop, implement, and evaluate school library programs, resources, and services in support of the mission of the library program within the school according to the ethics and principles of library science, education, management, and administration. *


5.1 Collections

Funds Request - This artifact was a group assignment prepared with Erin Fansler and Amanda Robbins for LSC 5515-Collection Management, that demonstrates our ability to evaluate the collection, identify the needs of the school community, and select print, non-print, and digital resources to develop a quality, useful collection.  I did submit this funding request to administration, received approval and acquired materials as outlined in the proposal.

Cataloging Manual  - This manual addition, created by Cara Putman and myself in LSC 5521, Introduction to Cataloging & Classification in the School Library, demonstrates our ability to successfully implement classification principles and standards within a library cataloging system. 

5.2 Professional Ethics

Copyright Tips - I selected this document because it offers tip to the school staff on ethical copyright use.

Bookmark - This bookmark was created for students to promote intellectual freedom and privacy.

5.3 Personnel, Funding, and Facilities

5.4 Strategic Planning and Assessment

*ALA/AASL. "Standards for Initial Preparation of School Librarians." 2010. PDF file. 

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