Standard 4: Advocacy and Leadership

Candidates advocate for dynamic school library programs and positive learning environments that focus on student learning and achievement by collaborating and connecting with teachers, administrators, librarians, and the community. Candidates are committed to continuous learning and professional growth and lead professional development activities for other educators. Candidates provide leadership by articulating
ways in which school libraries contribute to student achievement. *


4.1 Networking with the Library Community

4.2 Professional Development

Professional Development - Professional development selections must be meaningful and relevant to the candidate as reflected by the school community.  This document illustrates meaningful PD selections based upon the needs of my school.

4.3 Leadership

Communication - Communication with administration is imperative to articulating the contributions that the library and librarian make for the school community and student achievement.  This document demonstrates how the librarian can provide monthly communication with administration over the course of a year.

4.4 Advocacy

3 Year Advocacy Plan - This plan identifies my ability to identify stakeholders that have an impact on the school library program and to develop a plan to provide information and resources leading toward improving information programs, resources, and services.

*ALA/AASL. "Standards for Initial Preparation of School Librarians." 2010. PDF file. 

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