Standard 3: Information and Knowledge

Candidates model and promote ethical, equitable access to and use of physical, digital, and virtual collections of resources. Candidates demonstrate knowledge of a variety of information sources and services that support the needs of the diverse learning community. Candidates demonstrate the use of a variety of research strategies to generate knowledge to improve practice. *


3.1 Efficient and Ethical Information Seeking Behavior

Evaluating Web Sites - This is my portion of a collaborative project done in LSC 5540, Information Searching, Retrieval, and Presentation Strategies.  The goal of my portion was to access four websites and evaluate them based on bias.

3.2 Access to Information

Pros and Cons of Network Filtering in School & School Libraries - I selected this artifact because it demonstrates the legal and ethical issues concerning network filtering in schools.

3.3 Information Technology

Technology Plan - This artifact demonstrates my ability to find quality, realiable online resources for use in the school community and to provide training in the use of the resource.

3.4 Research and Knowledge Creation

Curriculum Mapping - This document was created for a management manual.  I chose to include it in this standard because it demonstrates a means to collect evidence-based data that can be used to improve school practice.

*ALA/AASL. "Standards for Initial Preparation of School Librarians." 2010. PDF file. 


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